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Offering Aggressive Retirement Plans Can Attract Top Candidates

As a leading national recruiter to the insurance agency/brokerage industry we are seeing more and more competing job offers to highly qualified candidates. Many times the offers are exactly the same with regards to salary, health benefits, life and disability insurance and vacation. An area that many times is overlooked especially by young professionals is the retirement plan.

Offering an aggressive match to the employee’s 401(k) plan could sway an employee to consider your company over another.  As an employer you should point out the financial benefits of your retirement plan. Show the potential employee the benefits by doing the math and pointing out the potential income over the next 15 years.

The average 401(k) match in America is a little more than 2.5%. Some companies choose to aggressively contribute money to their employee’s retirement goals while others set up more moderate deferrals. Some companies don’t stop with 401(k) plans they include profit—sharing plans, stock- purchase plan and other financial benefits.

With the unemployment rate in the insurance industry being at an all-time low employers need to be competitive and creative with their job offers. Consider your retirement plans to attractive the best candidates.